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MALTEZE "Blessed Are The Strong"

Publié le par Serge Raoul

Legendary US heavy metal powerhouse MALTEZE, led by the charistmatic singer Barbara Malteze, inked a deal with Skol Records, and will release special deluxe edition of their highly acclaimed album, "Count Your Blessings". The original audio material from 1990 got new mastering treatment by Bart Gabriel (CIRITH UNGOL, SAVAGE GRACE, MEDIEVAL STEEL), and the reissue will include 6 bonus tracks, taken from the MALTEZE debut mini-LP "We Came 2 Rock", which was originally released in 1987, and was out of print ever since.

"Count Your Blessings" was originally released in 1990 on Gold Records in North America, and on Active Records in Europe, and a limited edition vinyl reissue came out in 2005. The Skol Records version is the first official CD reissue since 1990.

More information: www.facebook.com/skolrecords

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MALTEZE "Blessed Are The Strong" (OFFICIAL)



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